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Craft Brewing Pioneers

MaytagBack in 1965 Fritz Maytag acquired the Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco, thereby saving it from closure. The history of craft brewing saw America’s brewing landscape start to change. At the same time as the American brewing landscape was shrinking in taste and size, a grassroots homebrewing culture emerged. The homebrewing hobby began to thrive because the only way a person in the United States could experience the beer traditions and styles of other countries was to make the beer themselves.

MitchellThese homebrewing roots gave birth to what we now call the “craft brewing” industry, when John Mitchell pioneered North America’s first brewpub in 1982. Today’s craft brewing companies are opening in every town, offering their best brews, some with the most spectacular seasonal craft beers and food offerings that compete with some of the finest restaurants. The décor of these unique establishments trend with history, using wood, brass and steel to give it a distress grassroots vibe, while you enjoy excellent company, drink and food.

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Why galvanized outdoor furniture is a great design option

Process and product knowledge:

1) Galvanized steel has a low carbon footprint

2) Zinc is a natural mineral

3) It can be recycled indefinitely

4) 30% of zinc comes from recycled products

5) 80% of recycled zinc is reclaimed for reuse

6) Zinc is 100% recyclable without losing any properties

7) The protective zinc coating becomes harder than the steel and becomes abrasion resistant (this doesn’t apply to the powder coat finish over the plating

8) Zinc coating cannot be undercut and the steel can't corrode, even when exposed to the elements

Photo above: Maze mesh chair

History of bent ply furniture

First you must check out this stunning BFM seating installation of Rita molded ply chairs with chrome frame, Midtown concrete tables attached to our Elite brushed finish interior base.

In the beginning: Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen were influenced by the work of Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, who’d lectured at Cranbrook in the early ’30s and was well known for his bent plywood furniture. Eames and Saarinen’s first attempt at shaping plywood was realized in a chair concept for Eliel’s design for the Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, NY, in 1939. While that chair had two-dimensional curves, their next design, an entry for The Museum of Modern Art’s “Organic Design” competition in 1940 had three-dimensional curves. For this they won first prize, but it was only produced in very limited numbers and not anywhere near to their desired quality. By this time, Charles had met and married Ray Kaiser, a student at Cranbrook, and the two moved to Venice, California to open their eponymous office. Eero abandoned the project, but Charles and Ray were determined to figure out a completely new process for molding plywood into compound curves.

Despite their best efforts, they were still unable to produce a single-shell plywood form, but instead landed on a compelling alternative: a chair comprised of separate molded plywood panels for the back and seat, which would become the Eames Molded Plywood Chair (1946), which is still in production today and was subsequently named “Best Design of the Century” by Time magazine. Two years later, they produced a single form shell chair made out of stamped metal for Museum of Modern Art’s “International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design.”

Written by: Amber Bravo

5 reasons why wicker furniture is a good design consideration for both indoor and outdoor space

Wicker furniture is one of the oldest forms of man-made furniture, the earliest finds dating back as far as ancient Egypt, 5000 years ago.

1. Versatility
Wicker has a long history of usage in both outdoor and indoor interior design. Its classic look can instantly give both a vintage and modern flair, depending on how it’s styled and the surroundings it is placed in.
"There are a large variety of wicker furniture designs to choose from. One of my favorites is the the the Aruba by BFM seating"

2. Texture
The woven texture of wicker can bring an interactive surface to a room. “Wicker is more tactile than a drapery or wallpaper since you make use of it by either sitting in it or use it as a table surface,” When decorating, these textures allow warmth, easiness and balance.

3. Cost
Wicker is a wonderful alternative to expensive upholstery. “Use wicker chairs, whether the shape is vintage or modern, to offset the expense of upholstered club chairs. It offers a wonderful texture and a practicality of maintenance that fabric cannot offer.”

4. Color
There is a casual warmth and comfort that wicker adds to any space. “In modern rooms, I like to keep the color of wicker neutral, black or dark brown. May I also add the use of wicker can draw out the wood details in most rooms." If you want to create a light airy space, you can lean towards white and more natural tones. The variety of darks and light wicker, along with the unlimited variety of fabric for cushions allows wicker furniture to fit into most any décor.

5. Care
Easy to clean, lightweight, and depending on the weave, wicker can be transparent and airy. “Outdoor synthetic wicker can easily retain its sturdiness and a clean surface by covering it when not in use. If it needs a little cleaning, a light detergent and a spray of the hose will do the trick.” Wicker should definitely be considered as an option for interior furnishings as well. Indoor pieces can be dusted with a dry, soft bristle brush to easily remove any dust, pet hair or dirt.

Article written by: Jeannine Williams

Add color and fun to your space

Most would agree that Design is a form of art and color impacts the way we live and feel. The fact is, color plays a very important influence on us; color is energy and influences our body on physical, mental and emotional levels, let’s think about Chromotherapy for instance, this is an alternative medicine that uses color as therapy to cure some illnesses. Let's face it, everyone has a favorite color and that color usually has a positive effect on each and every one of us.

We recently took advantage of the Philadelphia Mural Arts program to Photograph the BFM seating Lola chairs in a fun environment, with eye opening vibrant colors that complimented the chairs. The Lola is an injection molded seat with aluminum legs, giving it a very stable structure.

Fun facts how color can help your brand:

Red Lola: Have you ever wonderer why red hues are popular in restaurants? Red easily stimulates one’s energy, promoting liveliness, which is exactly what you need when mingling with friends over dinner or even making a quick decision over which menu dish sparks your appetite. “Red is happy and stimulating, That’s why so many restaurants choose it. It’s been suggested that looking at the color red can increase one’s pulse, heart rate and blood pressure. Red generally raises energy and excitement, which makes it a good choice for a dining areas, where people tend to gather.”

Orange Lola: This golden color may appear welcoming, but think twice before applying it to a home gym. “Orange helps stimulate the appetite,” Orange is best reserved for the kitchen or dining room. Orange helps promote positive emotions and sexuality.

White Lola: White may appear bland, but some interior designers say they love working with this shade because it feels “airy" and "open,” giving the illusion of more space in a room. Consider painting the walls of a cramped area white to make it appear bigger. And if you really want to jazz up plain white, add a painting or framed photograph.

Black Lola: Not for the timid, black is very dramatic and has the ability to give bare walls an elegant flair. Black can invoke feelings of staying indoors.

Why Beechwood is used to manufacture commercial furniture

Availability: European Beech is the most available and accessible temperate hardwood in the world. Europe has more temperate hardwood available than all the rest of the world combined. Pollmeier sources 100% of their lumber from Germany's hardwood forests which are 57% Beech.

Sustainability: While a major portion of the world has seen a significant decrease, Europe's forests have experienced the world s largest percentage increase in standing timber. Federal German laws enacted centuries ago, like the Forestry Act and similar legislation passed by various German states, make sure the amount of wood used never exceeds the amount of wood growing to take its place. Active regeneration of the forest stock is a significant part of these efforts, as demonstrated by the German forest industry's voluntary certification of sustainable management practices. Pollmeier Beech production is now certified for sustainable management practices as well.

Durability: European Beech is a very strong, hard and durable close-grain hardwood. When compared to North American hardwood species, only Hickory has higher strength properties. European Beech is used for many industrial applications like flooring, pulleys, workbenches, chairs and more.

Machinability: Although it is very hard and strong, European Beech has superior machining characteristics. It ranks equal to American Cherry in the five operations: shaping, turning, mortising, planing, and boring. Finishability: With its tight, fine grain and uniform color, European Beech dresses very smooth, sands to a high polish, and takes practically any type of finish well. Stains and glazes can include everything from natural to Cordovan. European Beech is widely used to mimic more expensive woods like Walnut, Cherry and Mahogany.

Affordability: Due to European Beech’s availability, production can continue to increase with demand, which will keep pricing very consistent. Beech is very affordable and a great value when compared to other woods with similar physical and aesthetic properties. As the world's demand for hardwoods continues to outpace supply European Beech has quickly becoming the wood of choice. Whether you manufacture or sell kitchen cabinets, architectural moldings and millwork, interior doors and trim, residential and commercial furniture, store fixtures or flooring, European Beech is one wood with so many possibilities.

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